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The data provided in the APIs is made available by BR Fares Ltd. under the terms of the RSP Data Licence and NRE Service Licence which it has entered into with Rail Settlement Plan Limited (RSP) and Train Information Services Limited (NRE) respectively.

Attribution Requirements

The NRE Service Licence applies to the content of the following data objects:

Easy Fares API
the "restriction.details" object in each of the fare objects (walk-up, PAYG, restricted and unavailable)
Legacy API
the "NRE" object in the restrictions response
Season Ticket Price API
the "restriction.details" object in the calculation response
Rover & Ranger API
the "nrename" string, the HTML strings giving promotional information and the "restriction.details" object

The API user agrees that, if any of this information is displayed in a public website, app, digital screen etc. the following branding requirement from the NRE Service Licence will be adhered to: On pages where [the information] is displayed there must be a credit displaying the official 'Powered by National Rail Enquiries' logo.

All other data is made available under the RSP Data Licence. Likewise, if any of the information is displayed publicly, the end user must be made aware that RSP is the ultimate source of the data. However in this case there is no requirement to display any particular branding.

Potential Requirement for API User to obtain RSP Data Licence

The copyright in the data remains the property of its respective owners. BR Fares' data licences permit it to use the data to enable and facilitate services that involve providing fares information to the public. In certain circumstances, further use of that data may require the API user to obtain its own RSP Data Licence. In particular, this applies if the API user is a licensed rail retailer. However RSP Data Licences are generally free of charge. Please contact Rail Delivery Group if you are in any doubt as to whether your usage of the data requires you to obtain your own (free) licence.

Conditions of Use

The following requirement exists to protect BR Fares and allow it to maintain its licence obligations:

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